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Dublin/Loughrea, Ireland - 25th July 2011

By: eurydike

Hello Guys,
I was on honeymoon... ok .. it wasnīt my honeymoon but the hosts honeymoon.
It was pretty good. But letīs start at the beginning.
We landed in Dublin and they lost our luggage :( so we had to wait about 2 hours but I played a little bit.
The first week I gone for a daily donkey walk. It was so great to see all the green and the nature.
The donkeys "John-Willy" and "Hero were really nice.
The donkey on the picture is "John-Willy", he had to take me in his luggage all the time .. ;)
The nature was so adorable. I saw a lot of fantastic places and ruins.
This is "Hero", he was the younger one.
It was a great time in the nature but there wasnīt so much time to photograph all the impressions.
So, I went on to Dublin City for a week and saw so much more and had more time to stop.

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