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Dublin, Ireland - 2nd August 2011

By: eurydike

The second week was so loud and full of music and fun.
I started with a sightseeing through the city.
I saw a man who made great pictures with chalk.
The weather was good but on the "needle" I had a big cloud in the backround
I went to the Leprechaun Museum (donīt do that, if youīll go to Dublin - I was bored but the Leprechaun was so funny that I wanted to show him to you)
Here was the entry of the "losing money museum"
My host Mom had fun with me
Of course I saw a lot of pubs and I loved the atmosphere in there ... but I just took a picutre for you infront of the pub.
(too much beer ...  :rolleyes:)
It was a little bit romantic on the bridge in Dublin.
The half penny bridge is called like this because in the 19th century the took a half penny from the people so they could cross it and go to the other side.
Now there are a lot more bridges and you donīt have to pay anymore :)
I also visited the christ church.
It was a typical Irish church.
One day I met some nice girls but they didnīt spoke to me... sad but so I just stopped by and left them soon.
Here you can see the half penny bridge
Of course I drunk some Guiness in the Guiness Brewery ;)
I also visited a great museum called DUBLINIA
It was a museum with a viking and a medieval section.
Sad but true the children shoes were often made from worn out adult one
Sad but true they got us in the Medieval ;) Little joke but I took the host Mom with me for these pictures
It wasnīt allowed to take any photos in the library of the Trinity College. But it was so great that I bought 2 postcards and made a picture in the hotel for you
One of the last days I went to Bray. It is 45 minutes away from Dublin and I had a great day on the beach and in the sun.
We got the first Geocache in Europe. This was a highlight.
I climbed a little bit for it but the view was adorable.

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