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Moravian Karst, Czech Republic - 26th November 2010

By: dzejna

Hello Mum!
Greetings from the Czech Republic. I arrived here yesterday and my first day was not very good at first. There was no one at home when the mailman brought me, so I ended up in a post box. It was really cold and I had to wait for someone to pick me up.

After hours I finally heart a car passing by. So I started to shout – help, I am here. And in couple more minutes my new host came and took me immediately into the house.

All the toy-creatures gathered very fast and they helped me out of my envelope. Meanwhile my host went to light a fire in a fire place so I could get warm more quickly. I also got a nice hot cup of tea… so I was able to chat with the others very soon.



The guys here want me to send many thanks for the cards and chocolate I brought with me from Finland, so thank you Susanna!


As soon as I got warm, things became great… I think I will have a nice time here; everyone is really friendly so don´t worry about me.

I must not forget, as you can see on the images, I met very nice blue bear here. His name is Boo Boo and he is TV from USA. It means one more life mission completed!

Bye mum, I will write again soon.

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