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Home (Colorado), USA - 5th December 2010

By: GabbyGecko

I had quite the busy day today. I feel a little bad for my visitor from Germany, Dusel because he must be exhausted from jet lag and he had to be subjected to all of our errands that we had to run today.

Hoo-man is working on creating table center pieces for a holiday party, and we had to run around to pick up things for those. We bought a ton of garland! It looked like we had a small forest in the car!


Then, Dusel got distracted by one of the tractors that was parked in front of the house. We have several, but he thought this one was small enough for him to try out. He he he. He very enthusiastically offered to mow the lawn, but we were promptly plucked off the seat of the tractor as soon as Hoo-man saw us there. She just kept yelling "not safe! not safe!"


When we came back in, all the geckos in the house gathered around the Christmas tree to give Dusel his official welcome!


The geckos demanded some time with Dusel so I was able to step away for some time for tea with an old pal, Colorful.  She was Hoo-man's companion through high school and college. When she retired, I replaced her. :) She's always fun to hang around with.


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