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The Walks, Kings Lynn, England - 11th January 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog


Mum can I just say that when you told me I was going on holiday I had imagined
it to be somewhere lovely and hot with a few palm trees around involving alot
of sunbathing. Its very cold and windy here!!  ;)

Anyway, we didnt let the weather bring us down or stop our exploring.

Today my host had to pop to town so Dottie Mouse and I decided to go with her and
got on the bus to Kings Lynn.


We went for a stroll in 'The Walks' which is a huge park in the centre of Kings Lynn
and the only surviving 18th century town walk in the county.

My host said its a beautiful place in Summer but the wet weather doesnt do
it justice this time of year though...still i enjoyed it and we had a nice walk!


One of the trees has been carved into this figure - clever, eh?


This is Gannock Arch, it was orginally the entrance to the park many many years ago...



As you go under the arch you find yourself on a bridge over the river
and this is the view...


My host said in Summer this is the area where all the ducks usually are, waiting
to see if anyone passing has any bread for them :)


Well, Im back in the warm for the afternoon now mum.

My host and I are hoping for some dry weather to explore in on our next outing,
fingers crossed.

Love from Fidget x

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