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Fürstenau, Germany - 2nd February 2011

By: aileen

Hi there!
Now I'm here to post the first news of my journey.
Yesterday Aileen created a kind of scarf and a little travel tag for me. I'm so glad because earlier I had something like a chain and I looked like a prisioner. But now it's better!


I currently live in a house where you can also find some offices etc. for chimney sweepers. And they even have a huge metal chimney sweeper!




Aileen allowed me to play on her guitar. Oh I'm sorry for the strange noises... I'm not sure whether this kind of music is supposed to be like this.


But I think I prefer to play piano. Oookay, it's no real piano, but anyway. Maybe someone lets me play on a real piano during my journey?


In return I would help you in the kitchen! Have a look!


I also know how to make tea!


But still I need to develop my drawing skills...



Maybe we should better play hide and seek


I'm a little bit scared that I could miss my friend, Hundi.
He's not a ToyVoyager but travels a lot with Aileen.


I'm still curious where I'm going to travel.
Maybe it's Hawaii?


...or Italy?


I really hope that I have the chance to see the sea during my journey... I want that more than anything else! Aileen told me so much about the sea and she also showed me some sea shells.


So please, please, please, if you can show me the sea or ANYTHING else that's interesting, write a pm to Aileen!
Hope to see you (in real life) soon =).

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