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San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - 24th February 2011

By: LittleCableCars


It was a nice short commute from momís house, no need to go to the airport, and I feel good that the plan is to return home between hosts.  There was lots of mail today, postcards, magazine, catalog, advertizers, Iím in the puffy envelope.  I met my hostís new ToyVoyager, Cheerio, who is getting ready to travel for the first time, and her less brave friend, Bowtie Bear, who prefers to stay at home for the foreseeable future; and then there is C.T. Mouse, not a Toy Voyager but he gets around a lot in his job as a detective, just like Sam Spade.  At the end of the opening ceremony, C.T. loaned me an olympic pin from Los Angeles í84 symbolizing my journey which is similar to the torch runs that go from one Olympic game site to the next.  He also loaned me a vorpal sword in case I want to explore around in the wardrobe sometime.

Then I met my host, Jeanne, who tickled my belly, heh heh heh.  She says Iím cuter in real life than on the internet [blush].  Mom, she says thanks for sending me with all those goodies:  she has never seen a lion candy bar, and the chocolate money will take care of all my admission fees, transit passes and lots of TV chow.  She has been to Sacramento but not very often because many months of the year it is too hot to travel there and beware the tule fog, whatís that, maybe the vorpal sword would cut through it.  Guess what, she got word from her TV BarryO that he is in Sacramento today to visit the capitol; I canít wait to see his travel log, he is such a political animal. 

We said ciao to C.T. who got a call for his detective skills, he is a 24/7 kind of guy. The three of us then sat down and started reading a goodnight story, The Chronicles of Narnia; we each have our own copy to follow along.  Then I fell asleep.  Iím too big for a miniature bed like ToyVoyager DuDu slept in so my host put me up in an open drawer of the wardrobe.  I asked her to leave the wardrobe door open in case I want to change my clothes during the night or um, explore with the vorpal sword.  I feel so at-home here. :)


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