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Sacramento, California, USA - 12th February 2011

By: kcrawfish

Hi friends!

This is my second day at my new home, freed from a charity shop to travel the WORLD!  I love to read, I love learning and I love sitting on the bank of the Seine imagining great things for future novels.  Well, I think I will love all those things.  :)  So we had fun reading and learning French. 

We are looking at the Table of Contents to find the snow pictures for Hypno-dog.  I don't know why snow is so interesting but ... I have a lot to learn about the world.

Flipping through we found the snow.  Snow, ice and eskimos. 

There are recipes and games, too. 

Now it's time to draw and play.  This magazine has color pencils taped to the front cover.  I've never seen that!  :)

This puzzle was too easy for us.

Now this puzzle is good and hard.  What are the 6 differences between the two pictures.  Even Miss Kate is scratching her head.  She says the first reader who PMs her with the 6 differences will win a prize.  Fun!  So we get the answer, and someone gets a prize!  Just send a PM to kcrawfish.  {As of May 2011, the prize is still available!!}

I can't wait to see the world!


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