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Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany - 7th May 2011

By: HoBi

Hello Mum!

Great news!  I arrived in Germany and met my host Murph. I thought that I would never reach my goal!

This morning the big moment came and Murph helped me to come out of the envelope. I were not able to move – so we drove into the forest  - and I had some fresh air.

First I laid down in the sun and warmed up!


This was great – and I was able to stretch my body.


Murph called – he wanted to show me some beautiful flowers.


These were the blossoms if bear’s garlic. Really wonderful, aren’t they?

We searched a cosy place in the basket with a good view – so we can find mushrooms.


Let’s start –there were the first mushrooms.


Murph told me that they are called Dryads saddle. You can eat these mushrooms, when they are young.

There were wonderful orchids in the forest.


When I would have been earliere – Murph wanted to collect these mushrooms with me But my trip was too long. Now they were old and dry.


I wanted to have a closer look at the next orchid.


They were so wonderful!

Then we found other delicious mushrooms.


They are called St. Georg’s mushrooms. We cut them and put them into our basked. It will be a yummy dinner for Murph and me.


It was a really great day after the long journey.



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