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Wuppertal, Germany - 15th July 2015

By: olgamaus

Hi Mum,

today we went to town. My current host is living in the district Elberfeld, in the vicinity of the central station, so we took a first picture here.


The area beween the station and the main street in the city is a giant building site, from last summer until summer 2017. The whole area will be renewed and created completely different from what it was built in the 1960s years.

Next stop was the historic concert hall, a fine piece of turn-of-the-century architecture with outstanding acoustics - also with a building site in front of it!



A bridge for pedestrians is built across the main street, you have a great overview from here.


And of course you can see Wuppertal's main attraction from here: The Schwebebahn (suspension railway), which is built from Wuppertal-Vohwinkel in the West of the municipal area to Oberbarmen in the East. Most of the route it is following river Wupper, partly crossing streets. I will tell you more interesting facts about this public transportation later.



In the background of the next picture you can see one of the stations of the Schwebebahn, mostly made of glass.


We walked along the shopping streets. In the background you can see the city hall.



Here you can see the city hall, a farmers market is located on the large space in front of it every day.




We reached Luisenviertel than, a quarter with lots of lovely old houses, quasi the old town of Elberfeld. You can find lots of bars and restaurants here, two churches and pretty narrow streets.



Wuppertal means "Valley of River Wupper", there are rather steep slopes in the city, you can find hundreds of stairs to make it easier for pedestrians to reach the high-lying parts of the city. When I will come home one day, I will have muscles like a heavy athlete  :D

On the next photo you can see what I mean.



Here is one of many parks in the city, with a playground for smaller kids and a not working fountain.




We walked along the river on a special path, the walls of the nearby bulding are decorated with painted koi carps.



This is one of 20 Schwebebahn stations, one of the most frequented ones.



At the end of today's walk we went to Katja's favourite pet shop to buy treats for the ... ??? ... for the pets. Katja promised that I will meet them soon. From tomorrow our neighbour's dog will spend a few days at our home, so we will have to take lots of walks  :D

Bye for today

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