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Wuppertal, Germany - 17th July 2015

By: olgamaus

Hi Mum,
I met the pets today. I head something splashing ... and saw the ferrets playing in the living room. Four ferret girls are living here. Shiva and Zaehnchen are already old ladies, 6,5 and 7 years old, and Molly and Lotte are much younger, almost 2 years old.

Lotte and Molly are the ones who like to plash in the water (really soon there is NO water in the little basin)  :D  :D  :D




The ferrets picked some treats from us.


This is Zaehnchen, the oldest ferret.


Molly's bottom ...


Lotte is playing in a cardboard box. Katja told me that all ferrets love to play and hide in those boxes.


This is cute Lotte...


... and Zaehnchen again, resting on the sofa for a while.


As it was rather hot today, we took the dog out later in the evening. We took a bus to some point on the Northern slope of the valley and walked home from there. First stop were two of the most important landmarks of Wuppertal, a water tower and a telecommunications tower.

This is the water tower, visible from many places in the city because of its location on top of the Northern slope. It was built in 1927 and is 43 m tall. People are calling it "Atadoesken". It reminded people of the packing of a formerly well known abrasive powder which was called "Ata".


Next stop was the communications tower in the vicinity of the water tower.


We walked through a housing area and entered a forest.



The forest led into a lovely landscape park.



From here we had to walk downhill for more than 6 km and came back home in the late evening.


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