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Wuppertal, Zoo, Germany - 29th August 2015

By: olgamaus

Hi Mum,

today I met a lot of ToyVoyagers and their current hosts Strunki and BlackCat. We took a group photo close to the Schwebebahn station Zoo / Stadion.


What an impressive bunch of ToyVoyagers :D


Zoo?! Yes, we visited the Zoo. The zoo was founded in 1879.


The sea lions were fed when visited their enclosure. A nice young man explained a lot around the sea lions. There even was a baby which was born this summer (the one in the foreground). What a cutie :)


The beavers were also having babies, cfour ute cuddly brown furry balls, but unfortunately only inside their house. But at least some of the adults were outside.


These are the emperor penguins, they are living here in the second largest enclosure within Europe.


We also visited a house for birds with a specially designed hall, where freely flying birds can be observed. This beautiful bird was really curius, it came closer and closer towards us.



Do you know these animals? They are maras, large relatives of guinea pigs, also from South America. (I know you can only see brown spots :) )


Katja is especially fond of meerkats, she just loves them. Unfortunately they were hiding somewhere in their enclosure, only one of them came by for a moment.


A lot of animals was asleep because it was rather hot outside. This reindeer thankfully was awake :)


We all were hungry and managed to find a restaurant. Afterwards the zoo was closing soon and we had to leave.


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