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Palm Springs, California, USA - 8th May 2017

By: tuiaway

Hiya Mom!

Look where we ended up to after traveling far and wide! In the city of Palm Springs in hot and spicy south where lots of actors from Hollywood would locate in the olden days... You know how this came to be?

Back then, when the celebs made contracts for the film studios instead of single movies, they could be called to work anytime. Therefore, they weren't allowed to live any further than one hundred miles away form L.A. - and Palm Springs is just about 98 miles out!
We visited the local art museum where a fantastic, talkative gift shop clerk told us all about this, and much more that I wish I had written down somewhere.

Unfortunately we did not run into any famous people. That didn't make a great difference anyway, for we were getting ready to hike on the hills surrounding the area, which made my heart race much faster than spotting celebrities :p
The hiking trail began right at the back of the museum parking lot and was very rocky - plus, the weather was hot, at least 30 degrees celsius. So we had to take it pretty slow; but it was good exercise, great fun and a cool way to get a look over the city.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy...

With a smile,


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