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Warrington, England - 13th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Hi Mommy! The plane was awsome, sadly I couldn't see anything because of the package, but I felt the sensation of lift off in my tummy! It was rather bizarre but also thrilling.

So, when I arrived it was very quite, but I could sense that there were other toys in the room. Then my padded envelope started to tear and suddenly I could see two faces peering in at me. I later found out that these were Tiger the erm, Tiger, and Albus Star the puppy. They pulled me out and then chanting erupted in the room. 'Mish-u-ta Mish-u-ta' - It took me a few seconds to take it in, then I realised; they were chanting my name! Tiger and Albus took me over to look and the source of the chanting was a line of bears who were holding a sign saying 'Welcome Mishuta' :) I was rather flattered, but also nervous.

My host was very pleased with the postcard and chocolates you sent her, but then Quackers the duck spotted them and there was a bit of a fight as he tried to steal them. I got scared and tried to find shelter, but I nearly ran head first into a pair of gigantic paws! I looked up and to my relief I saw a big friendly old brown bear. He told me his name was 'Coco', and he took me under his paw :) We went over in time to see Albus dragging Quackers out of the presents bag!

Finally all was calm again and Miss Becca, my host, took a picture of me and the postcard. She says that over the weekend we will go on my first trip in England. Until then, bye bye for now mummy! I will update again soon.

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