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Host's home, England - 20th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Hello mummy, we haven't been able to get out much yet because of the rain, but here is a mini indoor update :) The other day I met Gizmo the real life cat! He is very fluffy and I wanted to stroke his belly but it seemed a bit dangerous. He is usually sleeping, I don't think I have seen him open his eyes yet. Well, at least he seemed unaware that a little bear was by his side ;)

Today my host went to the charity shop and came back with two new friends; a grey sailor bear and a baby giraffe. They were deep in nervous conversation when I came to introduce myself, but I made them feel at home :) I love the little giraffe, I think we will be good friends. My host says he is going to become a Toy voyager too so we will be able to keep in contact via our travel blogs.

Ooh, other news! There are more small bears on their way to my hosts home, including a purple bear with white and yellow flowers on her fur, called Edelweiss. I had a look at her blog and she looks very pretty. I can't wait to meet her :)

Giz ans mish 1.jpg
Mishy and giz 2.jpg
mish and and gir 3.jpg
mishuta and giraffe.jpg
edel 1.jpg

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