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Walton hall gardens, England - 25th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Today Albus Star Mirembe and I went to Walton Gardens. The first picture is of us waiting for our hosts mum to get the ticket in the carpark. If you look closely you can see a squirrel in the background, but he wouldn't let us get any closer.  We then found the mini zoo and saw a magnificent Peacock parading around like he owned the place. I also met a goat who was grinning at me rather smugly. I hope he didn't want to eat me! Then Albus spotted a play area and wanted to investigate. I sunbathed while the other two annoyed the pretend horse; he didn't look too pleased to be sat on.

Later we went tree climbing! We had a nice view from up there :)  Afterwards I found some flowers and took a picture like the one you took of me at home mummy! Except this time I am with pink flowers :) Then we went for a walk and Mirembe found a tree bench with a bird picture on. We all had a good look before going back to the car.

I had a great day out and even though it was cloudy at first, the sun came out to greet us.

Walton mish.jpg
Walton mish 2.jpg
Walton mish 1.jpg
WM 3.jpg

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