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Durham City, England - 7th June 2011

By: Gizalba

Hello mum! Over the weekend my host took Edelweiss, PinkyHH and I to visit Durham city where she used to go to university. This uni has a collegiate system so each student belongs to one of 16 colleges. My host lived in the college of St Hild and St Bede, and you can see the grounds in the first few pictures. On the second one the white building is Hild Gymnasium. (Oops my host has loaded them up in slightly the wrong order, so the first college picture is actually at the end!)

After visiting the college we went down to the river and saw the Prince Bishop sight-seeing boat cruising along. We walked into the centre of town then went to view the iconic Cathedral. It was very big! My host said the cloisters were used for a few scenes in the first and second Harry Potter films (she is a BIG harry potter fan! ;)). Sorry the second cloister pic isn't very good as I think the flash was on!

At the other side of Palace Green there is a Castle, which along with the Cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Castle is home to the students of University College who have formal dinners with gowns twice a week in their great hall. My host said that when you see them wandering around in their black gowns they really do look like they've stepped out of Harry Potter!

We then made our way down the Bailey to the river where we could get a fantastic view of the cathedral. As we were enjoying the view a man who was also taking photos requested to see the photo of me my host had just took on her camera! I was very flattered :) We also spotted a Heron! It is very tiny on this photo, I don't know if you can see it?

At the end of the day we made our way back up to college. We were very tired from all the hill climbing so us TVs insisted on having a sunbathe in the grounds.

DU MI12.jpg
DU MI4.jpg
DU MI3.jpg
DU Mi6.jpg
TVs Durham 007.JPG
DU MI8.jpg
DU MI10.jpg
DU MI20.jpg
DU Pi6.jpg
DU MI9.jpg
DU MI2.jpg
DU MI11.jpg
DU MiEdPi.jpg
DU Mi7.jpg

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