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York Base Camp, England - 13th June 2011

By: Leslee

I have arrived in York!

There are three other Toyvoyagers here.  There is Karlie, Blinchick and Phillip and they are all very friendly.
I brought some candies and a postcard for them all from Gizalba.

It was a quiet first weekend because everyone was tired and it was rainy.
They all did crafts while I watched
I was inhttp://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd358/hipapotomus/tv-1.jpg charge of some of the candies
this is what we made
it is a board game.

I met lots of friends here already

The Tiemi angel Mom and her two little devils

the monchhichi and their friends

the Mothercare bears
Blinchick and I had lots of bear conversations with them

My favourites were the dolls

I have chosen my place on the rainbow shelves for while I am resting.
There wasn't a brown shelf, but I felt the most comfortable on the yellow shelf and they all made me feel very welcome.

I miss my other Toyvoyager friends but thankfully all these friends here will keep me distracted.

Bye, love Mishuta

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