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The Living room, England - 13th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Woop! Today was rather productive I feel. We heard that Mishuta was nearing his destination (Coco the bear has very good hearing and could hear the postman from several miles away). We had just enough time to organise a welcoming committee. Some artistic bears and Tiger helped to create a banner with colourful pens. All was going well, until that is, we heard a suspicious quack coming from near the door. Before we new it a bright yellow thing had thrown himself at our little crowd; It was Quackers, a duck on a mission to cause chaos. I had to have some serious words with Quackers to make sure he wouldn't cause any more drama. We were in a good mood what with all the excitement, so we let him stay.

The banner was finally ready and we all got into position for the arrival of the parcel. To be continued...

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