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Living Room, England - 13th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Continued from last update:

Tiger and I rescued Mishuta from the parcel. He was surprisingly small as my mentor had thought he was much bigger when she saw him in the photos online. Small is good though, it means we can travel easier. Mishuta was quite shy but seemed to like the banner, and afterwards we had a picture taken of just us three. BUT THEN, Quackers was up to mischief again! He dived into the bag of sweets that had come with Mishuta and I grabbed his foot.  Mishuta scuttled off in fear of all the noise, but luckily Coco was overlooking the proceedings and kept him safe. All the bears rushed over to see what was happening and I finally pulled Quackers out. As a prize my mentor let me have one of sweets, so I was chuffed  B)

Albus again 1.jpg
Mishuta 4.jpg
Albus 2.jpg
Albus 3.jpg
Albus 4.jpg

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