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Rakvere, Estonia - 24th June 2011

By: minnihiiru

Hello mummy,

"Jaanipäev"(John's Night,Midsummer) is today here,we do some BBQ,we didn't celebrate it as big as some people do,but anyway something we did.It's 2nd biggest holidays after Christmas in Estonia.

Usually Estonians celebrate "Jaaniõhtu" on the eve of the Summer Solstice (June 23) with bonfires. On the islands of Saaremaa  and Hiiumaa, old fishing boats may be burnt in the large pyres set ablaze. On Jaaniõhtu, Estonians all around the country will gather with their families, or at larger events to celebrate this important day with singing and dancing, as Estonians have done for centuries. The celebrations that accompany Jaaniõhtu carry on usually through the night

We were not awake all night and we got even some rain,as it is "common " in that evening(night).

2 weeks ago Mari got rabbit and today he was first time outside and I was looking,together with other TVs what he is doing.
It is the street where I live now

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