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Tallinn, Estonia - 3rd July 2011

By: minnihiiru

Hi mommy,

it was a really warm and sunny day,temperature was maybe 30 degrees !So really hot and we went to see Youth-Song and Dance festival 2011 in Tallinn,though we only saw songfestival :) It is really important event and Mari couldn't want to miss it !

It took place in open air, in the territory of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.

It was almost a 6-hour long concert with different choirs and orchestras performing. The songs and music take the most powerful form when joint choirs start performing.

Song and Dance Celebration, the Estonian says. This is almost a sacred notion. It stands for the true birthday of Song and Dance, a great spiritual feast, a tradition not to be missed.

This is the festive reunion of an ancient folk, gathering from the cities as well as from the countryside;
small as a nation, but impressively large as a family.

Song and Dance Celebration is a true Estonian holiday, the Holy Day of the Heart;
which has been waited for, adorned for;
this is a brief moment of ecstatic togetherness, rising almost into the air in a mythical ship of joy and hope
a ship that has proved to be capable of carrying one nation over the most dangerous, most difficult rocks of time.

/Doris Kareva/

The Song Celebration tradition started in the middle of the 19th century and it has survived all of the twists and turns in Estonia’ s history.

and it still lasts and the next whole nation songfestival is in year 2014 :) The young songfestival means people till 26 years old.

Estonia and Song and Dance Celebration – these two belong together like Norway and skiing or England and the Oxford-Cambridge boat race.

I was proud to be there,around the people,Estonian flags,LOTS of people,singing and the feelings there..


we hardly had time to take photos ..

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