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Kiyev, Ukraine - 3rd July 2011

By: Katusha

Hi Mommy! It's me!!! I'm OK and feel myself very good! This morning I finally arrived to my destination point!  :D


I looked out warily...


It was quiet on the outside...


But suddenly somebody appeared in front of me!!! :cyclops:


It was so unexpected, that I was frightened and climbed back into the envelope! "Oh, my God!" - I thought, -"what a shaggy fright!"


Then he began to pull me out! Can you imagine this?! "It's an impudence!" - I was shocked.


But when I looked closely at him, he turned out just a little brown bear and wasn't so terrible. :rolleyes: He waved to me and said: "Hi!" It was MokoMoko.


MokoMoko showed me his surprise, that he made with his mommy specially for me! This was so nice! There and then I forgot about all anxieties and calmed down.


I got our presents from the envelope. And showed them to MokoMoko. He was delighted and viewed everything very long time.



And certainly began to taste anything he could get. These bears! :D


Then Moko offered to make tea with all sorts of sweeties.


He opened red bilberry jam. Oh, it smelled very pleasantly! And honey. And when tea was ready, we began the sumptuous feast in our cosy little gathering :)



xx By Mom! I'll write you soon!

* Posted Jul 3, 2011, 9:39 pm Last edited Jul 3, 2011, 9:44 pm by Katusha [Quote] Go to the top of the page


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