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Host house, Kiyev, Ukraine - 12th August 2011

By: Katusha

Hello! Today was day of last buyings and preparations before my departure and my host too (she is going home). This morning we went to railway station to buy tickets for Katusha. And then to buy an envelope for me. On the way we saw The Peopleís Friendship Arch. It is sooo big! And in the night it shines as a rainbow.



We bought big cup for my host's Dad, sets of cards with Crimean and Kiyev views for friends, wax pencils and lemur YooHoo for their little kids.


We veiwed postcards a long time. They were very nice!


Then we decided to choose a postcard for my next host.


"With mermaid, I think, will be great!" - MokoMoko offered. And I agreed with him.


Then, when everything was prepared, all my friends here came to say goodbye to me.


It was very touching. And MokoMoko even became upset a little. :thinking:





But when Katusha promised to cook his favourite banana pancakes, he cheered up!  He so food-driven. :D


So tomorrow we will go for some sweeties for my new host, then to the post office. And I'll set out on my further journey.

Bye, Mommy! I'll write you already from Germany.

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