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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 19th January 2012

By: Zandy

Oh mummy, do you know how you feel when you are in love? Iím not sure, but I think I fell in love. I have butterflies in my stomach. But I know, that this is crazy, I canít fell in love. Iím a ToyVoyager. Oh my dear! But I will tell you step by step.

ThomasHH invited me to a dinner. And of course I went there. First we say hello to each other and give us a hug.


How you can see there were many candels and ThomasHH give me a wine to drink.


This was so crazy. I feel like a little teenager. Ok, Iím a teenager, but a ToyVoyager and so I know a lot, but this was new. Ok, but tot he next step. We abut our glasses and drink.


A really good wine! And than we talke a lot, while we were waiting for our food.


And than we get it. Our dinner. Spaghetti! Yummy!


An than it happen! Oh mummy, I thought my heart will jump out of my breast.

I was so shame, that I turn to the other side. Oh it was so hot at this moment.   


But than, after my heartbeat normalize i didnít hear ThomasHH, so I turned back and I saw him lieing on the table.


I walked to him and I annihilated him. And than he waked up. I was so happy.


And after looking in each others eyes we kissed once more. And this was such a great feeling, mummy.


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