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÷hringen, Germany - 28th January 2012

By: Zandy

Today ThomasHH leave me ... šh  us - I mean us. I was so sad about this, you canít belive. Of course I knowed, that Iím a ToyVoyager and ToyVoyagers canít fell in love, they shouldnít. But I did, I think. And now my heart is broken. But I try not to cry, when I say goodbye to ThomasHH.


We kissed us the last time. I hope, that we met on another day once more. And than we will see what happen. Or? What do you think mummy?
ThomasHHcrawl into his envelope and I jumped to him and kissed him.


Than he was inside and I waved with a blowrag. Oh this was sooooooooooooo hard. But I didnít cry. Iím a big girl and a ToyVoyager and I will see a lot of other funny thinks.  *sigh*


Bye bye mummy,
I need some time for me to come to me.

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