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St Nicholas' Field, England - 4th June 2011

By: Leslee

Hello everyone, I just wrote you a very long update but Leslee said the internet was disconnected and it didn't send so here is a quick version of the last post!

We went to the community furniture store to find a sofa because this one is not really a sofa and it is old, tatty and uncomfortable.
Blinchik(TV) found this one.
Lesley said it was good because the legs come off and it might get past the bend in the staircase but she didn't like the colour much and it was a little bit too much money.

So then we went to the park at an eco centre and had a picnik and explored.
I really liked this giant compost heap.  My TV friends were not impressed even when I suggest that they look at it for a bit longer.

We collected some wood for Leslee's dolly friend to make banisters with in her house.

But then we were so tired we all fell asleep on Leslee's bed.

I shouls be going with everyone to York town today and might get to see some historical builings.
(Leslee is having trouble with her camers/computer and keeps loosing photos but is doing her best to make sure I don't miss anything here to show you.)

Take care everyone xx

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