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Grand Haven, MI, USA - 4th July 2011

By: kessalia

Hello mum!  It was fun to spend Independence Day in America!  We had an eventful day, though not many photos to show for it.  Mel and her mom helped to thwart a shoplifter and called 911 for someones lost camping gear blocking the highway, though! *L*


We only went downtown with the tourists to take her nephew Tyler some dinner, and there ere SO many people in town for the fireworks.  Mel's migraine and lack of love for tourists have us staying home to watch from here, though.  We don't mind much, we found more fun way to celebrate!  It started when Mel realized we had two Brits, and two Americans visiting, and a German too... She couldn't resist....

We toyvoyagers present to you all the story of the American Revolution (as Mel remembers it from school)!!!

At first, the people in what would be America were mostly British and fine with that.


But over time, the distance and other problems made the colonists more and more upset with the British ruling them, and the Army had to keep order more and more often.


Finally the colonist just felt SO misunderstood and put-upon that they decided they could take care of their own people better, and they told Britain to go away and leave them alone!  This happened around the Fourth of July, which is why that day was picked for the holiday. 


Well, the British king didn't like that at all, so he sent more Army over to keep the noisy colonists in line and protect the loyal ones, and to protect his interests there.  So there were two sides, and the advantages went back and forth a bit.


The British were spending a lot to fight that far from home, and the war didn't end nearly as quickly and neatly as they'd hoped, so they called in backups - Mercenaries from Germany, the Hessians! 


The British sent the Hessians after the rebel Americans, and things looked pretty bad for the colonist's independence plans!


But luckily America could pull in some back-up too, they sent men over to Europe to convince England's old foe the French to come in on their side!  (I enjoyed playing Franklin very much)


So the French and the Americans turned and won back some momentum against the English and Germans.


There was still a lot of fighting and hardships on both sides and many soldiers lost, but finally the British started to lose steam, as the money and distance made things harder and harder.


In the end the English king was forced to leave the rebels to themselves, at least for a while.  Most of the armies that were left were called home or sent to Canada.


And the leaders of the United States were free to make their own government, for better or worse.  And they did, and today is the day they celebrate taking that stand against the king (by not working, waving flags, having picnics, and being far too loud.)


(The French mostly went home, but a lot of the Hessians stayed, and we don't blame them.)


The End!  Starring:

The English Troops!  Quentin Ducky  & Alex_Lion from the UK!
The American Troops!  Vanilla & Einstein Pig from the USA!
The Hessian!  Cilly from Germany!
The French! Uhh... they don't have names yet, they are Buzz's evil cousins or something.  But we needed more toys.  :)  From Mel's room!

It is getting dark, so we will probably go out on the porch soon and see the big fireworks!  Happy 4th everyone, however you celebrate it!

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