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Host house, Minsk, Belarus - 11th June 2011

By: Katusha

Hello! I just want to tell a little about our host house. This old lady is a colonel of police in retirement. So you can say - keep your jokes to yourself with her! But she's not so serious we found out. She is very cheerful, merry person and have a good sense of humour! "You should just get accustomed," - mommy said. And I did :D
Also she has very extravagant style. And her house too!

Everywhere here you can see a lot of figurines of animals (dogs, cats, deers and others), innumerable tea-sets, artificial flowers, pictures with nude people, beads, bows and lots of other astonishing things.

All in all it was very interesting to meet her. She told us many exciting stories about her life, work and people. And advised what else to see in Minsk.





Our journey goes on!

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