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Farm, Crimea, Ukraine - 10th December 2011

By: Katusha

Hi, guys! We are in Crimea again.  :rolleyes:
Today we visited our relatives at their farm. They have a big farm and a lot of animals. I didn't saw all of them, because cows, for example, were on a pasture. But I have what to show.  ;)

There are many cats here. 8 or 10 maybe, I don't know exactly. This is one of them. Marusik. He was sleeping in a cow-shed. It's one of his favourite sleep places.



So nice company!  :D


Very big pigs. :cyclops:


Mukhtar. He was very friendly with us!


The place where all cows from village grazed this day.


After luch we decided to visit the local stud-farm and to ride a little.


This horse was so nice. And she liked very much oaten cookies that we brougth. :rolleyes:



While Mommy was riding, I met a herd of sheeps. :rolleyes:


That was my day at the farm. I was there for the first time and I liked all animals very much!  B)

Our journey goes on!

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