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Montclair, New Jersey, USA - 25th January 2013

By: Spac the Bear

Our host bear, Spac, was very excited today.  He took us to work with him because we were going to see the Trey Anastasio Band (TAB for short) right afterward.


Trey Anastasio is the guitarist from Phish but he has his own septet with which he performs mostly different material.  What was even more special was that they were playing at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair - a neighboring town to Spac's hometown of Little Falls.  That means it was only about six miles away!  Spac saw the TAB there in 2010 and told us all about how great it was, so we were pretty excited,

Here we are!



Nice stage setup!


You can see the crew members tuning up the instruments.


This is a very unique old theater.  Even the ceiling looks cool.


The last time Spac saw the TAB here, he sat up in that balcony.


But today, we're on the floor.  And here's the TAB!


We danced all night, but it was hard to get any good pics or video. The place was too dark, the stage was too bright and it was very crowded!

But here are two quick clips of us dancing to the songs, "Sweet Dreams Melinda" and "The Land of Nod":



Spac also took this video of "First Tube" from the back of the theater, to give you sense of the place, though we're not in it.


Best of all, we were home and in bed in no time! Much better than traveling to and from NYC!

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