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Eat a schnitzel at hotel/restaurant Zum Post, Bollendorf, Germany

Walk on the pier of Moddergat, Holland

Visit the grave of Elvis Presley, Memphis, USA

Meet one of the Ludolfs in Dernbach, Germany

Visit the Lake of Loch Ness, Schotland

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Home, Holland - 21st August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Hi, my name is Thea the Sheep, I write this travelog for Henk the Cow. He is not well, let me tell you why.

Crying and in shock state of mind, Henk the Cow went to his host and showed her his back.
Oh my!!!! His tail almost fell off!!!

He was very upset when his host told him that she needed to give him a little surgery. He freaked out!

We all gave him something relaxing to drink.

And some more...

And more... (Umechan couldn't watch anymore)

What Henk the Cow didn't know, was that he drank Vodka.
He was out!

Our host took a needle...
And a blue tread (his favorite color)
And she fixed his tail. Poor thing was moaning, dispite his level of alcohol.
We decided not to include the pictures, they are very graphic...

After surgery, Henk the Cow got a nice bed and we all prayed and wished he would get better soon, each of us in his own way.

Get well, Henk the Cow!

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