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To driwe with a rollercoaster

To see real mountains COMPLETED

To learn to say some basic frases in languages of the countries I visit.

To visit an observatory and watch stars

To visit Stonehenge

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Wasootch Ridge, Canada - 22nd October 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we took our new guests to their first visit to the mountains. As we left the car we were followed by light sleet, and the first glimpse of our surrounding wasnít encouraging: dark clouds...


...and snow at high elevations. Well, not even that high, the whole upper part of Nakiska ski area seemed already ready for the winter season :rolleyes:.


From a bit further up we saw Barrier Lake in the distance and even what looked to be some sunrays :).


While in the direction that we wanted to take things were less encouraging. Of course, having been here for some time I didnít really worry but I guess the others were a touch more concerned ;).


Eventually we reached the top of the valley, from where we could see the surrounding mountains :)...


....and the ridge that we just followed.


sammino suggested that we should have tried to reach that peak behind me :rolleyes:, but smaug said that he didnít want to be on that face if the weather turned ugly, so we just headed back home.


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