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Home, Moscow, Russia - 27th August 2011

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi everybody! My name is Hryusha and today I understood, that I was born for flying! Perhaps, not literally but... I want to see the World and meet other pigs (well, any animals), who wants more from life  :D
As you can understand, I'm not a common pig! I like to read books, so please, give me a chance to practise in foreign language in your library. I want to learn new cultures and I also want to know something intresting about my new hosts. You see, travel isn't only visiting fantastic places, it's visiting fantastic people too! Is there a difference between life in Russia and your country? I want to know it!
And last but not least - I'm vegeterian, and I want to come back home with new tasty recipes! I'm sure everybody has his favorite food without meat - maybe a salad or a pie or even a soup. ;) Share it with me, please.
So, I'm looking for hosts who wants to show me were they live and what they do! Have a nice day!

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