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Heidelberg, Germany - 21st September 2011

By: nuriayasmin

Host for spring 2012: minnihiiru

As I mentioned in my profile, nuriayasmin is my mentor here on the ToyVoyager's site but my owner is her daughter Jaci. She's 14 years old and loves listening to music. I also do and here you see me with our favourite singer (just a poster but who knows, maybe I meet Miley Cyrus one day - then Jaci would be extremely jealous!).


Yesterday Jaci took me to the place where she and her mum practise karate. I wasn't allowed to participate but the dojo (that's how they call the place where the karate training takes place) is situated near the river Neckar and as we arrived a little earlier, we took a short walk before they forced me to hide in their bag.



And now I'm looking forward to my first trip, I'm allowed to visit someone a bit north of here and am quite happy to stay in Germany for my first journey. That way I can quickly return to Jaci when I get home-sick.

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