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Plainwell MI, USA - 22nd October 2011

By: Tera

Yawn! Today is kind of a lazy day here at home. Gibson went to play with a friend so I decided to keep a couple of his toys company. The big frog is Flippy and the little one is Flipito.


They told me lots of stories about the trips they have been on. Flippy has been to Mount Rushmore and both coasts of the USA! Lucky frog!

I tried to snuggle with Drew a bit but she wanted to be left alone to nap.


I wandered over to see what Mom was doing. She was reading a book so I read a bit myself.


I didn't enjoy it much and neither is Mom but she had started it and it is an easy read so she will finish it up. She uses her favorite Moomin postcard as a bookmark!


I hope if I go to Finland I will be able to have my picture taken with Moomin characters to show Mom!

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