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Tarnobrzeg, Poland - 4th November 2011

By: ai

Hello mommy, hello Gibson!
Today I went to school with my hostis. We got up early, cause we didn't want to be late.
After we prepared ourselves, we went to school. The way was so long... we went on feet 40 mins and it was so cold, 2 or 3 deegres.
But at least we came to the destination place  :D
There weren't too many people in the class. Only 13 from 26. We didn't had too many lessons - only 4.
The first was business lesson. I helped my hostis to fill in papers.
Meanwhile I made new friend with the giraffe that belongs to my hostis' classmate.
Then were two lessons of Polish. I learnt a little about the interwar period in Poland. They were talking about art and poetry.
My hostis brought Dali's artbook as exaple for surrealist art.
After talking, we took notes. I learn some Polish writing!
The last lesson was about landscape design. My hostis goes to Technical School of Landscape Design, so after this trip I will be able to give you some advices about suiting the garden :D.
After school we went to second hand, but there weren't any clotes that would fit on me :(. Later this day we were at the post office to take Happy Dog home.
We also went to my hostis grandmother :)
where we released my new friend.
Oh, and we booked tickets on bus to Cracow today. Yay! I'm ready to visit all wonderful places!
Lots of love,
your Poppy.

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