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Münster, Germany - 30th October 2011

By: indrarado

Hello again!

My second evening in Münster was great. I followed Daniela on her short trip into the city and I saw two interesting places.

Did you know that Münster has only one roundabout? The "Ludgeriplatz" is a place many Münsteraner make fun of - if they are not in their car in there actually...
Because with every attempt to improve it it only gets more annoying...


It didn't look special to me. But asking the people around I heard that it is the best place in Münster to celebrate or come together for other reasons. Don't believe it? I googled and found pictures like this: soccer wm or these: flashmob, another flashmob. :)

:DBut that wasn't all I saw. Daniela took me a way down the promenade/mall. It encircles the whole inner city and is frequently used by many ciclyst, joggers and pedestrians. See how green it can be in the middle of a big city:


I guess in the next days I will see many more interesting places. I have the promise to see some of Münster's churches...

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