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Münster, Germany - 3rd November 2011

By: indrarado

Hello again!

Today we got closer to the Lamberti church.
Here you can see me on the Prinzipalmarkt. (There's another interesting Münsteranian vehicle on the picture - the city bus)


St. Lamberti is the northern end of the main market. And it is the most important religious building of the Westphalian late Gothic.

It gained notoriety when the bodys of the three leaders of the Anabaptists were - after their torture and execution - hung from the tower in iron cages (see on the picture above the big clock). Since 1987 three friar's lanterns burn in the cages as a manifestation of three souls that can find no rest. :stare:

And here I finally got close to the church. It is that high!


Every evening (except Tuesdays) a tower-keeper (one of only four left in Europe) ascends the clock tower and blows his horn every half hour from 9pm until midnight.

From there we went on to the main station. Watch all those bicycles! I was told that Münster was the most cyclists friendly town in Germany. I could believe that now....
They even have built a Radstation where you can park your bike like in a normal car park. The bike station has 3300 spaces available. It even has a "bike wash".  In 2000 it won the Architecture Prize Renault Traffic Design Award.


I wonder what I will see next...?

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