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Convent of Tepeapulco, Mexico - 20th December 2011

By: heynizajude

Hey mom!
Niza says she's very sorry of not updating but things are a bit crazy this days around here, unfortunately we found out we will not be able to go to the beach for the holidays ): but Niza says we'll do some fun stuff and sight seeing!
Anyways...last Saturday we went to her cousins wedding, it was so much fun!!

The ceremony was held on a franciscan convent of the XVI century!

On the inside patio of the convent

Along the others on the fountain

The main cross

The convent also has a mini museum with pieces from the ancient cultures that lived here before the spanish conquer!

There were shrunken heads :S

Some necklaces & carved stones

With Schnappi and some pots & vases

With some stone figures

And then came the party, there were lots of dance & fun and we got to eat lots of sweets! :D including some bride & groom cupcakes!

It was very fun!
Lots of love, Sansibar

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