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Weilburg, Germany - 7th December 2011

By: Noisy


After a short time I reached Noisy's home.

I was welcomed by some nice guys.
The first who watched into my envelope was a very excited little dragon called Leopold. He was very sad when I came out of the envelope. I think he is waiting for a special TV coming soon...
The others told me later he's in love  ;)

The others are Tiplitaps, the turtle, Boofle, the dog and Horror-Potamus, the fabulous hippo. They all want to travel but have to wait for their IDs.
Than there were two newbies, they arrived today as gifts for Noisy because of christmas.

We sat a loong time together and talked a lot. Boofle, H.Potamus and Tiplitaps told about the life on the farm, the newbies about their short experience of travel, and I told of all the great adventures I have had since I'm a travelling ToyVoyager.
Only Leopold was sitting in the edge and was sooooo sad... :(

Now I'm very tired and go to bed.
Tomorrow I send you more News.

Good night and sleep well.



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