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Weilburg, Germany - 26th January 2012

By: Noisy

Hey mom!

Today it was very cold outside, but we made a walk at the river Lahn.
There is a lot of water because of the many rainy days we have got here.

In Weilburg there is a little ship going across the river like a ferry - only by men craft. There is a strong rope from one side to the other side across the river and the men in the ship is pulling the people across and over- but only when the weather is warm.

Near the Rollship is a nice garden. We only could take a picture from outside the fence -- because the garden is closed while the winter. Noisy told us, that it is very nice and full of ideas when it is warmer weather.

Than we walked to the three tunnel. They are near beside the other - and Weilburg is the only town in the world having 3 tunnel like this. There is one for trains, one for cars and one for ships. In summer many Lahn- tourists will be there and and take the sluise  with the canu.

There is also a Modell-machine-park. It took several years to build the little landscape. There is a little train , where you can sit on, going around. And there are many little construction machineries, and all streets and gardendesigns and walls and so on were build with this! But we could only have a look over the fence  :(

Then we were on a little bridge made of steel. It was very wobbling
when we walked over it, and  I almost fell down to the river :o


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