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Íhringen, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Zandy

Day No. 2 in Íhringen. Zandy must work today, so we haven't so mutch time to walk around Íhringen. We went for dinner. Look what I get.


After that I was so full, nearly I couldn't move. But after talking and digest we went for a walk home. On this walk I see al lot of things. First I saw a very pretty, wooden mermaid and a fish. I asked them to make a foto with them.


Oh Daddy, you tould me, that my next journey will go to Australia.  Look what I found:


A direction sign to Australia. And then I climbed on some things. First it was the city wall of Íhringen or better a pice of it. Can you find me, daddy?


And they have a beachvollyballfield in the park. sadly we have no ball to play, so I climbed on the mesh.


I climbed on a tree whith was hit by a lightning.


Oh and we played a little on the playground in the park.


And we found a mill stone, so we take also a picture whith this.


At the end we found a embleme of Íhringen. It's a key. I hope you can see a little of it. It was to hight to climb up for me and Zandy is not so big to help me.


I'm soooooo tired because of the big meal and the big climbing actions. But at home I have the chance to become acquainted with quini, Zandy's dog.


After talking we cuddle a bit, whilemy host is packing her things for a journey.


Yes Daddy, we go on a journey to Cologne. See, there is our luggage and the ticket for the train. I hope we can see the Dome and the Hohenzollernbridge.


So, don't be anxious if you don't here from me till Wensday or Thursday. I will report then from our trip to Cologne. See you!

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