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Cologne, Germany - 1st November 2011

By: Zandy

Day three began with a big brunch in a cafe and we met some friends of Zandy. After that we all go to de chocolat museum. Look who I met first.


Her name is Elli. But she was so shy, she didn't talk with me. Maybe I wasn't charming enough for her.  :( Or she had so much to do with the kids there. She tell the kids all about the things in the museum. I think that was the reason. All other women said I am very charming.  B)
Look daddy, this is a cocoa fruit. It's big, I didn't know before. I only know the powder from this one, to make a chocolate drink.


And look, there was a globe whitch showes the visitors on wich places in the world cocoa can be fitted.


Ohhhh and there was a troical house. In it there were temperatures of 25 to 28, but the air humidity was 80%. It was very warm inside. But I like it. There were some nice plants. Look here you can see me in front of a coffee tree. - YUMMY!


And the next shows a cocoa tree and some other plants from the tropics.



Our next station was a boat whith was handmade by some aboriginal people from one of the cocoa nations. They showed a film about it, it was very intersting, because they really made it with their own hands, without andy industrial machine.


A container for shipping of the cocoa beans was also there. In it they show how they transport the beans and tell the story from the first time until today.


There was a old, cocoa weighing machine with a bag full of cocoa.


After all the historical and new age stories about cocoa we are allowed to go inside the hall where they showed how to make chocolade. This chocolate which we know.
This one is for transporting the cocoa benas.


And behind me there is another machine. But oh, I forget for what they need this one. - Sorry!


Oh and than .... DADDY ... look at all the chocolate under me. A paradise.


These machine was for mixing the chocolate.


And than the chocolate fountain. Yummy! We get a cookie with runny chocolat. It was sooooo delicious. I want to go there once more, but there were so many people they want to taste it, that I forget the idea. But maybe you bought me once a fountain like this and I can go everytime. Or we fill it with coffee. What do you think, daddy?  ;)


The next station they show how they packed the little chocolates whitch you can buy in the shop.


And how they make those chocolate figures, which are hollow inside.



When we make a little break I wath outside of the museum and it was a very nice view.


After the break we go to the roomes where they show the beginning of chocolate in the culture of the Maya. It was interesting how old chocolate really is.


When chocolate arrives to us, it was a drink for rich people. Do you belive it? Today everybody can buy and eat and drink chocolate. And in the past only rich people have the chance. Here you can see a chocolate women. She brings the chocolate to the people.


And than I saw a big chocolate shop. Ok, a model of one. But I can imagine, that this one is real and I get soooooooooo hungry. First this figures of the Sarotti-Man stands there and than ... The shop!



Ohhhh and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig chocolate candy was hanging there. Oh, if I could bite in it. Yummy!


And a tricycle full of chocolate. I asked them, if I can take a ride home on it. But they didn't allow me.  :(


After all the chocolate we go on a walk. An now we walk across the Hohenzollernbidge. This picture is first from the Dome. From the bridge side.


Here I am hanging round before we cross the bridge. It is very big. I hope my feet will go this long walk with me.  :D


On the bridge i saw a lot of padlocks. This padlocks are from twosomes which are in love and will be forever together. Or from clubs. On everyone stands a name or more so you know who put it on the bridge.


And now I'm on the other side of the bridge. I get it. I am so proud of me.


After about an hour of this side of the Rhine, we walked back to the hotel and prepair us for the evening. We go to a musical called "Elisabeth"


And now we must walk the whole way back, the Musicaldome was on the other end of the trainstation. Here you can see me in front of it.


The seats were comfortable. And so blue.


And here you can see me at the end of the day, while we are waiting to get our coats.


Than we only have a drink alltogehter and go to bed. Tomorrow will be the last day in Cologne. What a bummer! It was great here. Maybe I can come back once a day.

Good night, daddy!

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