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Cologne, Germany - 2nd November 2011

By: Zandy

On our last day in Cologne Zandy has a surprise for me. We will drive with the aerial passenger line of Cologne. I was so happy, this was a really great surprise for our last hours before we leave Cologne.


Look!! See me inside the cabin of the aerial passenger line. I'm too small to have a look outside.


So we build a little seat lifter for me, and than I could look outside.


And now I could see the panorama of Cologne.


The bridge/street we cross.


And of course the Dome and the Rhine.


And the "Köln-Arena"


Our landing was great:


On the other side there was the Rhinepark and we walked a little round. In the park there is a little railway. But we have no time to do a round with it.


And than we must go back, because our train back to Öhringen will go.


Oh from the aerial passenger line I saw a boat.


And this is the last picture from Cologne. It is in the train back to Öhringen.


A big adventure for a little monkey like me. And Zandy will show me some places in Öhringen. But not today, we must relax.

See you daddy.

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