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Íhringen, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello Daddy.

We weekend will go out and it was a addle weekend. We didn't do to much. But I think it's ok. We cook a lot and it made fun. I will show you what we do on friday.

First we change the tires of Zandy's car. Or better we try it. But I have had a little probleme:


I can't contact the ground. So we decided, that it will be better, when Zandy and I let her boyfriend alone, so he can do it. We both went shopping, so we could cook something.


It's me in the shoppingbag. But it's no normal shoppingbag. Look, what it is. I was very surprised, when Zandy show it to me.


It's a banana-shoppingbag. Great! But it didn't taste goog, so I decided, that it's will be better, when we put the shopping inside. After shopping Zandy look for me. She was shocked, because I wasn't with her. Zandy thought that I was at the shop, but than I surprised her.


I cower me in the shopingbag between the things. First she was a littly angry, because she was worried, but than we laugh and began to cook. First I helped her to cut the sandwich into pices.


She allowed me to make the salad freelance.


Oh daddy, look the bred. Yummy! It smells so fantastic.


And than I helped to do the meet. And than the big eat.



Bye daddy. See you at our next meal.  :D

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