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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 5th November 2011

By: Zandy

New day, new city, new cooking. *hihi* Zandy's boyfriend must work, so we clean the apartment and cook for him.

Here we make the dessert. Do you know what it will be?


And, daddy? Do you know? Hm? Do you? Do you? Ok, here is one more tip.


But now you know, or? Yes! Allright! Yummy! Tiramisuuuuuuu (Zandy go mad, because I drink all the coffe *tihi*)
Here you can see me, while I put the Tiramisu in the fridge.


And for the main dish we make a filled bred. Here you can see me cutting the paprika.


And here you can see me mix the ingredients.


After mixin, we fill the bred and I'm allowed to put the  cap on the bred.


Yummy! It looks so delicious. And the smell ... daddy, sooooooooooooo great. I can't wait to test the bred.



It was very delicious. Maybe I will do this bred once for you, than you can taste it, too. After that we only watch TV.

Hugs daddy!

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