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Íhringen, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: Zandy

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! I arrived! I am really in Íhringen. I can't belive it. I must ask somebody to pinch me.

But look first at my arrival. I wasn't alone there. In my envelop I heared some voices. Carefully I get out of my envelope. And look what I see.


There was a welcome-comitee for me. But not only this, another TV arrives like me today too by Zandy. A little mouse. (Good, that she isn't white. Because than I would have a little probleme. Elephants and white mice ... not good. No No.)

After a warm "Welcome" form everyone we introduce us to everyone.


The mouse, which arrived with me is called Hanni, she is here because of the Round Robin. In front of the comitee you can see a monkey, his name is Elias, he's a TV too and at visit by Zandy. An than, left from him you can see a men in a red outfit. He is called Santa and he is a TV from Zandy.
Puh! Now I have introduce them all to you. After the welcome with these guyes I talk with my host and give her the brochure about my hometown.


She was very interested in it and ask me some uestions about my home. It's great, that a host is so interested in me.  :D
After that all I sit there with Hanni, Elias and Santa and we talk a little about our Voyagers or better, about that what we wish us.


And while we have this talk I found out, that Elias and Santa will leave today. The first will go home and arrange his journey to Australia, an the second one will go on the round robin.


That's a little pity, because we understand us great. Ok, but Hanni will stay with me. And she is really cute (even if she is a mouse)  ;) I think we will have a great time.

And after a hour we must say goodbye to the two Voyagers who leave us. The Welcome-Comitee change into a Goodbye-Comitee.


Zandy allowed us to come to the postoffice with her, but there was so many people, that we better wait in the car for her. And now we are at home and drink a hot tea. It's cold outside. And we have a little snak. *yummy*


Ok daddy, that'S all for today. I'm a little tired.
See you,

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