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Stuttgart, Germany - 13th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello daddy,

you wan't belive what today happen. We visit the capital city of Baden-Württemberg - Stuttgart. Ok, not the center, but the airport. It was a surprise for Hanni and me. Zandy told us this when we sit in the car. She showed us this flyr.


There was an airport festival today. And Zandy's boyfriend like airplanes, so they planned to go there and we were allowed to go with them. It's so cool. Isn't it? So we drive with the car to Stuttgart.


Before we get into the airportarea we must drive under the big "Bosch car park" It's very big. On the picture it looks so little. But it's very big. You can belive me.


So and than we arrived in our car park. I look at the parking shild, which shows where the car stands. I look very good on it to keep in my mind where the car is, so we musn´t walk back home.  ;)


Oh and than. Very nice, there were a moving way. Like an escalator but without steps. So we mustn walk from the car park to the airport.


And than inside...


I try to argue Zandy and her boyfriend to fly today. But they said no. Because they must work and can't go n holiday at the moment. What a pity! But maybe I can fly some day. We walk around the airport and saw a lot of things. Look me in front of a wheel of an airplane.


And we found this statue which shows people, who look into the air. Maybe they see an airplane?


Don't worry daddy. I ask the little boy if I can sit on his head to take this picture. And he didn't say no.  ;)
They next picture shows me in front of an airplanemodel from the Singapore Airlines.


And here are my new friend Hanni and I in front of a Lufthansa-model.


And here, an old airplane in firered. I think it looks nicer, than the new one. Or, what do you think?


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, and than we go outside on the guest terrace. Now we see the whole runway.



And than a plane starts. A airplane from Qatar Airways.



After this first impressions of an airport Hanni and I sit down a little to get down.


It's so much for little TVs like us. And Zandy took this great picture of us two outside.


Outside there were more old airplanes, like in a little museum. And Zandy's boyfriend told us a lot about them.




And than I see an airplane landing. It was so great to see it in real. This was a great feeling, because I see it really, and not only on TV. I was so excited. (Klick on the next picture!!! COOOOOLLLLL!  ;))


And here is the plane, when it rolling to the Gate, to let the passagiers go out.


And this all took two hours. Could you belive? We forget the time totally. It was time to go for dinner. But this wasn't the end. We have a table at the window and could look outside on the runway. So cool!


The name of the restaurant was "Red Baron". Zandy explain, that the "Red Baron" was a German fighter pilot in the first world war. His name was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen.


And than it was late and dark outside and to to drive back home. So we did it. Now I'm very tired and go to bed.
Good night daddy!
Elephantastic greetings!

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