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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 26th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello daddy!
This weekend was funny. But I will beginn on saturday. There was time to decorate for christmas. Zandy and her boyfriend decided to craft a Advent wreath. And of course we could help. We make this great Advent wreath. How do you like it?


Hanni, Holgi HH, Amalthea and I named it "The real TV Advent wreath"  :D But Zandy and her boyfriend saied, that this isnt a good idea. Because than we must sit about four weeks in this position and when the candels burn maybe it will be to hot for us. We discuss about it and decided, that they are right. So we collect some decorations. After collection we played a little bit hide and seek.


But Zandy found us all.


So we must help now. And here you can see me and my freinds with some decorations.



Daddy, if you want to do one day a Advent wreath yourself, so put n gloves. Because the branch of fir prick a little. After the branches wer placed it looks like this.


And at the end... I think it's good. It was the first time for us all, we crafted such a wreath.


So daddy, that's all for now.

Elephantastic greetings!

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